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Feast on delicious seafood and relax causally on the stunning beaches of Port Dickson, one of the most popular destinations in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Contrary to normal beliefs, Port Dickson is not just one beach!

Instead, it is an 18km strip of coastline in Negeri Sembilan state with a series of beaches.

This small town used to produce charcoal. but it was later developed as a small port by the British during the Straits Settlement period.

Some of the most common one includes Pantai Bagan Pinang, Pantai Saujana and Pantai Cahaya Negeri. Enjoy the touch of nice breeze, fine sand and peaceful ambience. If you are looking for some water sports there are shop to rent windsurfers, kayaks, beach volleyball, and life jackets as well.

If you are someone that are aiming for some street food, then you should consider going to another famous beaches here, Teluk Kemang. It is one of the busiest of Port Dickson’s beaches partly because of the street market atmosphere in the stalls in front of the beach and the wide variety of food stalls and restaurants. Immerse yourself to the golden sand and the crystal clear water. There are plenty of water sports vendors here. One of the best location for family trip.


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