Legoland is one of the latest tourist attraction in Johor, Malaysia. Since its inception in 2012, they have seen hundreds of tourists flock to their theme park, which is a favourite for many families and kids!

If you have not been to Legoland, then it is one place that you must check it out!

One of the main attraction of Legoland is the Water Park. It is a favourite for many adults and children. What makes Water Park fun and exciting are the splash and twisted rides that get your heart pumping non-stop on your way down.


Another attraction that you must not miss at Legoland, is the Miniland! It is land made up of lego pieces that mimic different parts of Malaysia and Singapore. You get to see some of the famous landmarks in detailed miniature. Be there to spot the Petronas Towers, the Merlion Statue, and even the Taj Mahal!



The Legoland receives hundreds of tourists everyday, and if you want to ensure that you can get the maximum fun out of it, please purchase your tickets early, and stay near the theme park for convenience. Even better, stay at the Lego-themed hotel, The Legoland Hotel!